The US International Vinegar Oil Competition (USIVC) is the first international vinegar competition where all the judges are real trade buyers who are blind tasting the vinegar by its category and actual price. It is our philosophy for all of our food and alcohol competitions that real trade buyers know what what will sell at what price to their consumers.

The USIVC has grown from the International Beverage Competition group that started 15 years ago with the New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC) Since then it has expanded with the New York International Wine Competition and New York International Beer Competition. It expanded globaly 12 years ago to the Berlin and Melbourne with beer, wine and spirits competitions. Recently we moved our Asia beer, wine and spirits competition in its 6th year from Hong Kong to Singapore.

A few years ago we launched our food competition series starting with the USI Cheese Competition(formerly the NYI Cheese Competition) and will be holding the USI Chocolate Competition and USI Vinegar Competition in 2024

An important how we support our food and alcohol competitions and our winners are our Professor websites. We refer to them as “Prosumer Sites” for the trade and consumer who wants to know more. We now have the Alcohol Professor, Cheese Professor, The Chocolate Professor, Vinegar Professor and Olive Oil Professor. Our readership continues to grow as we get closer to 200,000 Unique Hits A Month On Our Professor Media Group Network.

Key Benefits to Participating in USI Vinegar Competition

  • Recognition by the worldwide wine trade industry
  • Award Winners will be able to use their awards (Double Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze) in their marketing materials at no charge
  • Award Winners will be listed in our online database
  • Competition results are distributed to our international media partners, as well as international importers who rely on our competition to help them determine top-quality products
  • We include the winners in articles on our lifestyle blog, The Vinegar Professor
  • Top winners will be showcased at tasting events throughout the year, including our booth at ProWein at no additional charge

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